A Harley Trip

Sometimes people just need to get away by themselves or with a friend or two. One of the easiest and most fun ways to accomplish a trip like this is to take it on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.


Information About Traveling
The Harley contributes to a feeling of real adventure in exploring any part of the country one may be interested in seeing. Harley-Davidson even has a touring guide called the Harley Davidson's Ride Atlas which features easily read pages containing scenic routes, their descriptions and great maps.

For those wanting even more detail for their travel, a book called “Riding the World” written by Gregory Frazier is full of professional travel ideas for motorcycles. Besides the routes information, there are a host of ideas on preparing the motorcycle for the trip, where to sleep and eat, what to take along and how to travel alone.


Renting A Harley-Davidson
The cost of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle can be daunting so there is always the possibility of renting it for the trip. There are many companies that will rent a Harley to the riders and these packages can also include a full travel package of hotel accommodations, specific tours and meals. The rental program can be for a day, a week, a month or longer.

Whether you own or rent a motorcycle, there is the option of taking a tour package that is run through a specific tour company. These tours could take you on a motorcycle ride along the California coast, a trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, a trip to the Grand Canyon along the famous Route 66 or even through beautiful national parks.


The Sturgis Rally
One trip for many motorcycle enthusiasts is the Sturgis Rally in South Dakota. This famous Rally was started in 1938 and is now known worldwide. Recent years have had attendance levels of 500,000 people. People from all kinds of different backgrounds make a trek to this event. There are bankers, teachers, accountants, bikers, etc., who hop on their bikes and head for Sturgis. Once there, you can see every type of Harley bike imaginable.

Packing For The Trip
If this trip is your first, there are some points that are helpful in knowing when packing. Since Harley-Davidson motorcycles have minimal storage space, it is important to pack a lightly as possible by taking only those items which are essential to the trip. A small travel bag should include personal items that are the smaller travel size.


Many riders have saddle bags for storage and they can hold food items, clothing and other personal gear. The clothing items need to be those that are versatile when wearing so that a few things will work for different times. Dirty clothes can be stored in plastic bags between laundry days. Grocery plastic bags can be used to hold trash until it can be discarded.

The Mechanical Checkup
Before starting out on the trip, it is essential to have the bike given a mechanical checkup if you own it. If renting, it's a good idea to look at the written maintenance record before leaving. You don't want to have a mechanical problems on the road if possible.

The Travel Route
Another important item is to clearly detail the travel route you will be taking so there is good information on where gas stations, campsites, restaurants or other places of interest are located. The travel route should also be given to family or friends so that they will know how to contact you, if necessary.

Once all the planning is completed, the trip on the Harley-Davidson can start and it will be the adventure of your lifetime as you ride the best motorcycle made.

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